Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Old-Fashion Daylily

This is an Old-Fashion Daylily from our side yard.  Their official name is Hermerocallis fulva.  These daylilies came from the yard of the home where my father grew up.  My grandmother loved her lilies and there were these huge lily beds in what she called her "lower yard".  (Down by the spring house).   The old homeplace was sold in the late 1970's The home was later destroyed and the yard planted in corn and soybeans.  (Progress I guess)  The homeplace is about 1/2 mile from our vacation home.  When we first moved to Ky about 6 years ago, my aunt and I drove down the road to the old homeplace and found a few of these lilies growing at the edge of the bean field.  We dug them up and planted them around a tree in my side yard.

I now have daylilies growing around a tree in my yard just like my grandma had years ago.  Of course, I don't have as many as she did.

This is a view of my side yard with the daylilies.  You can see the corn field across the road and our woods on the right side of the yard.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Adam's Needle

This week I am going to show photos of the flowers we found in our yard in Kentucky when we visited recently.  When we arrived these lovely plants caught our attention.  I have 4 of these plants that my Uncle dug up in his yard and gave me.  From what he said the original plants are very old.  He didn't know their official name so I searched on line and they ae Yucca filamentasa or Adam's Needle.  Guess they are considered an evergreen.

More photos tomorrow.  Hope you enjoy seeing these photos.  Since we live in Arizona,  we really appreciate the color and green at our vacation home in Kentucky.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jelly Roll 1600 Quilt Finished

I finished the quilt this week.  I purchased a fluffy wool batting and used a feather stitch to quilt along each seam.  I love the resulting puffy-gathered effect.  It was a gift for a friends birthday.  We did a birthday dinner last evening and she loved the quilt.  Maybe I'll make another using strips from my stash. 

I've been away and haven't blogged in a number of weeks.  This week I hope to post photos of flowers we found while on vacation.  Lots of plants were in bloom in the country.