Sunday, September 14, 2008

BINGO Card Swap

I finally decided on a Bingo Card for the swap at Mystic Paper. This is the card that I decided to make for the swap. I had posted two possible layouts earlier in my blog but I wasn't pleased with either. The images on this card are from a vintage pattern envelop. I added a swatch of red and white striped fabric and three buttons from my button box to each card. I am very pleased with the results. These cards reflect my love of fabric, vintage, and sewing. I wasn't able to deliver the cards yesterday but will drop them off on the way to the Diamondback Game today since Mystic Paper is now open Sunday afternoons for our "shopping pleasure".

Oh yes, our Diamondbacks are in a huge slump and looks like they won't make it to the playoffs after leading their division for most of the season. Karma visited them last evening when a recently traded player, Micah Owings hit a double to help Cincinnati win the game in the 10th. I think the management should beware of that "Karma" thing!!!!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cats Meow Fiber Fragment Shrine

Fiber Art Traders (F.A.T.) is hosting a Cats Meow trade. I decided to make a Fiber Fragment Shrine. I was inspired by Sharon McCartney's article in the recent issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. it was difficult to photograph the item. I tried scanning and that was even worse. Hope you can see the detail of the shrine. i used fabric appliques, button cover, decorative machine stitching, and typewriter key letters from scrapbooking supplies.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thrifty Ensemble in Mail

I recenlty received an email from Beth at Altered Couture requesting items for the "Thrifty Ensemble" section of the magazine. I decided to give it a shot and made a thrifty ensemble. This is a photo of my thrifted items used in the ensemble. Hope it makes it into the magazine. I really enjoy these challenges and sometimes I'm successful in getting published.


I found this unfinished little quilt while organizing my studio. I thought it the perfect item for a Happy Fall post. I plan to finish the mini quilt this week and take it as a hostess gift for a friend this weekend. We are going to their home for dinner and she refused to allow me to bring any food. I'll take her a surprise instead.

The leaves are hand appliqued and lettering is hand embroidery.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bingo Card Swap

Mystic Paper in downtown Mesa is hosting a Bingo Card swap. It is their first. There are 16 people in the swap. The theme is "When I Grow Up". I made two sample cards since this was my first time to do Bingo cards. I think I have decided to do the mom and daughter cooking. I had fun doing both and may change my mind before Saturday when the cards are due at the swap. A Bingo card allows more space than the traditional ATC. I already had the cards in my stash of game pieces. I cut up a vintage cookbook for the cooking cards and used a free image from the internet for the other card.

School Days Quiltie

This is my September School Days Quiltie for Fabric in Altered Arts. The background fabric is one that has been in my stash just waiting for the perfect project. I attached a page from Language Lessons Part One with a copyright date of 1894. I picked the book up at the thrift store. The signature is also from the first page of the book. The photo is a copy of a picture from my collection. My grandmother is in the photo and a great-uncle is the teacher. I have always loved the picture and decided to share it on this quiltie.

Black and Orange Quiltie

This is my quiltie for the September Swap on Fabric in Altered Arts Yahoo Group. The theme is Black and Orange. I immediately thought of Halloween. The quiltie is embellished with glitter paint, decorative machine stitches, and an old beaded earring. I was looking through my box of costume jewelry treasures for something to use as an embellishment and saw the black and white beaded earring. I thought it would make a perfect "broom". I'm pleased with the results.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

September Fabric Postcard

The theme for September is "Leaves". This postcard is for Cathy in the Fabric in Altered Arts group. I needle felted fibers onto organza and then placed the new "fabric" on white felt and added machine embroidery in the shape of a leaf. I added some more needle felted fibers. This was a project at Mulqueens Sewing Center in Mesa. I decided to turn the project into a postcard for the September swap by adding matching vintage rickrack and satin stitching the edges. It will go in the mail to Cathy on Monday.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Quilting Arts

Here is a link to a free give away from the people at Quillting Arts Magazine. http://vintagecate.typepad.com/a_charmed_life/ Check out the wonderful blog and signup for the prize. Hope you enjoy A charmed life.

Altered Shoes - Golden Fiesta

I recently recieved an email from the editor of Altered Couture Magazine encouraging me to submit altered shoes for their Spring issue. This is a sneek peak at the altered shoes that I submitted. I call them "Golden Fiesta". They began as a pair of gold leather pumps and were embellished. The finished shoe reminded me of a fiesta. So "Golden Fiesta" they became. Won't know for a few months if they are accepted for publication. This is my first pair of altered shoes.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Things with Wings ATC Swap

This is my ATC for a swap on Treasure Art Trends yahoo group. The theme for September is "Things with Wings". I've been working on Halloween projects and decided to follow that theme. I'm quite pleased with the "BAT" card.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Giving Tree Leaf

These are machine felted "Giving Tree Leaves" for a swap on Fiber Art Traders (FAT). The leaves are made from two layers of Ecospun felt. The felt is made from recycled plastic bottles.

The veins on the leaf are made from wool fibers. Embellishment is Sari Ribbon. All are felted with my Huskystar ER10. A 1/4" eyelet was added and more Sari Ribbon attached. It will be interesting to see the leaves I receive in the swap.

The ER10 worked great on this project. I may make a fabric postcard using similar techniques.