Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trashy Fiber Clutch Part III

Here is the finished clutch. After sewing the clutch together, I sealed the painted fused plastic with a matte medium and added a leather flower. I painted the flower with the turquoise paint used on the fused plastic. The clutch closes with a large snap. I am quite pleased with the little clutch. Fun to make and went very quickly. Most time consuming part was waiting for paint and sealer to dry.

Trashy Fiber Clutch Part II

Here is the clutch ready to be stitched together. I fused a piece of lightweight fleece to the cotton fabric for the lining. I then made a sandwich with the lining/fleece and the painted fused plastic on top. I couched two turquoise fibers onto the sandwich. Next I cut out the shape of the clutch. You will notice that the flap is shaped to follow the design in the fused plastic.
Next up is to stitch this piece into a clutch. This has been a fun project. I think I see more in my future.

Trashy Fiber Clutch Part I

Fiber Art Traders yahoo group is having a Trashy Fiber Clutch trade. The base is made of fused plastic bags. I fused my bags together this morning. I placed the plastic bags between a brown bag from Mystic Paper and ironed them until they melted together. I then painted with Lumiere Metallic Arcylic in Super Copper and Pearl Turquoise purchased at Mystic Paper. I think I will now couch some fibers onto the fused plastic. Fibers seem appropriate since this is a fiber group. I think I will make another and experiment with stamping onto the fused plastic.

Last step is to add a fabric lining and sew into a tote. FAT has many interesting trades. I don't participate in all of them but I do try to do a few each month. Many members of the group are published artists.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fabric Postcard

This is a fabric postcard that I completed while watching America's Next Top Model this evening. I have decided to try and use things that I have in my studio for my new swaps. This is my postcard for May on Fabric in Altered Arts 2. The group decided to have a postcard swap each month but not have a theme. So I decided to use more of the sample class fabric (see fabric ATCs below). The image is from Vintage Workshop. Fibers are a gift from a Yahoo group friend. I love the finished postcard.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

All Dressed Up

This is a copy of my techniques article in the Summer issue of Altered Couture magazine. I enjoyed making this cute little "All Dressed Up" denim jacket from an upcycled child's denim jacket and recycled doll clothing.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Recycle Spring - Petite Collage ATCs

These are my ATCs for the "Recycle Spring" - Petite Collage ATC trade on F.A.T. (Fiber Art Traders). We were to use items in our studio. The backing for these ATCs is from a quilted class sample. We made the sample in a class where we experimented with the new quilting designs and hoop included with my Janome 11000 upgrade. There were five different color fabrics in the sample so I made five cards. The sunflowers are recycled silk flowers. I sometimes buy silk flowers at the thrift store. I take them apart, wash in warm soapy water, and air dry. They make wonderful embellishments for fabric art projects. The buttons are from my stash.

This was a fun project using recycled materials.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Button Bracelet

I saw a button bracelet in a recent magazine and decided to see if I could make one. This is my second attempt and I'm quite pleased with it. I originally used a silver chain and realized that I didn't have enough silver button in my button box but had lots of gold buttons. So I decided to make a gold one. Some of the buttons are vintage. Many are from $1.00 days at Goodwill. I find garment that have lots of buttons and bring them home cut off the buttons. Much cheaper than the fabric stores. Sometimes I recycle the fabric from the garments.

Altered Couture Summer issue Arrived Today

My complimentary issue of the summer Altered Couture arrived today. I am so pleased to have been selected to do a techniques article in the Children's Section. The article is "All Dressed Up". This is my first techniques article. It appears on pages 70 & 71. It features a child's denim jacket embellished with doll clothing. What fun seeing your name in print.

I submitted an ensemble for the Fall issue but have been notified that it will appear in the Winter issue. It involved an argyle sweater. Perhaps that is more appropriate for winter.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Honey Bee Tote Swap

My first yahoo group was Fabric In Altered Art. I love that group, Cathy, the list mom, decided to open the group to others and change the name to Fabric In Altered Art 2. You can sign up at Yahoo groups. Look for fabricinalteredart2.

I am hosting the very first swap in this group. It's an altered Honey Bee Market Bag/Tote swap. We will alter your average Market Bag by adding an altered fabric art panel to the front of the tote. Theme for the panel is Honey Bees.

I got the idea when Anthropology sent out an email about their Honey of a Month displays. The displays were in their stores in April and were made from recycled materials. The purpose was to raise awareness of the plight of the honey bee.

I took the idea and decided to host "Honey Bee Market Bag" featuring recycled market totes.
If you would like to join us, just sign up at Yahoo groups.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

April Fabric Postcard

I am working to complete my April swaps for my Yahoo groups. I have been experiencing dental problems for the past two weeks so I am a little behind with my swaps. This fabric postcard is for Norma in the Fabric In Altered Art 2 group. I began by doing a machine embroidery. I thought the blue flowers and green leaves looked like spring. I then decided to add some embellishments. The entire card is covered with pink tulle. I encased some little pearls behind the tulle. The pearls actually move around as you move or shake the card. I really like how the card looks rather elegant. This is the first time that I have encased items in tulle on a postcard. I hope they make it through the mail o.k.