Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pumpkin from Louisville Glassworks

While in Kentucky, my sister and I toured the Louisville Glassworks.  What a wonderful place to see artists at work.  The tour included flameworking, architectural glass, and glassblowing.  During October, they have classes where you can make your own pumpkin.  It's called "The Great Pumpkin Blow".  We weren't there on a day when the classes were taught.  So I bought one of the lovely pumpkins for our home and one for my California sister and her husband.  They had all colors but I chose the one below.  I had it shipped because I was afraid I would break it on the plane.  It arrived yesterday and I quickly added it to my kitchen table decorations. 


craftyles said...

Love the new pumpkin and the whole table looks wonderful!

Tammy said...

Very pretty! I have a glass camel ornament that is handblown, a mix of colors that is so unusual. I know that Kentucky is beautiful and colorful this time of year. Have a great rest of the day. :) Tammy