Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa's in the Kitchen

I am displaying some of my Santas above the kitchen sink.  All were purchased at the thrift store with the exception of the Santa with the holly and green sack.  That Santa was given to our son, Paul, by a dear friend Willie.  Paul was just a little boy when she gave it to him.   Paul died in an accident in 2007 at the age of 21.  I cherish this Santa and the wonderful memories it has. 

The plastic Santa cookie jar was a wonderful discovery at a thift store in Payson, Arizona.  Cost 50 cents.  I found the plaster Santa face at a thrift store last year.  The vintage Santa ash trays were also a great find.  Sadly the "pepper" Santa doesn't have a "salt" partner.  I love the Santa's Savings container.  It fits perfectly with the other vintage Santas.  Doesn't my vintage "seafoam" green tile look great at Christmas.  I refuse to remodel the kitchen because I simply love this tile.  I'm very happy with my vintage kitchen but I did get new stainless steel appliances when we moved in.   The avocado green was a little too much.

My breakfast nook features red and white snowmen.  I'll post a pic of them later this week.  

Oh, did you see the green grass, mums, and oranges on the tree out my kitchen window.  What a great time to live in the Valley of the Sun.  I know many of you are freezing and have snow.   

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Christine Edwards said...

Pam, your Santa's are very cute, but did you have to rub it in about the green grass, mums and oranges. Gosh I guess it's been a while since I've been by and you've gotten some really gorgeous matchboxes in the last week. Wow, a cruise to Cabo? How fun and what a nice family present. Enjoy your nice weather!