Thursday, December 27, 2012

Quilt Finished After Many Years

I finished this quilt top in 1999.  All the butterflies are hand applique.  There are 24 butterfly blocks on the quilt.  Once the top was finished I basted the quilt top to the batting and backing and began hand quilting the entire quilt top.  I used a quilt frame made from PVC pipe.  It was my first (and last) time to use the frame.  (It's still in the garage in it's original box.)   Things were going along just great and then as I neared the borders of the quilt my backing and batting began to shift.  I tried to remedy this but became frustrated and took the quilt off the frame and put it in the bottom of the cedar chest.

Fast forward to this summer when I discovered the quilt while organizing my cedar chest.  I decided to try and finish the quilt as a gift for my DIL (who wasn't a family member when I started the quilt!).

I worked to realign the batting and backing and finally was able to finish the quilt.  You can see Marcy and the quilt below.  She is showing half of the finished quilt.
Marcy likes butterflies and it was the perfect Christmas present for her.   It turned out beautifully but I have memories of those times when I wanted to pull out my hair or cut the quilt to shreds.  Glad I did neither.


Nanna said...

beautiful turn out! I have a quilt that I started over 5 years ago, but determined to finish it before the years up which isn't long lol!
love the butterflies!

PeggyR said...

The quilt is lovely!