Sunday, August 4, 2013

Decorating a Tween Bedroom

In my last post I described helping my youngest granddaughter decorate her new room with a butterfly theme.  You may recall that our decorating experience began with a visit to Hobby Lobby to pick out fabric and one other item for their rooms.

When oldest granddaughter selected her room in the new home it had denim draperies.  She immediately told her parents: "Mema can make me something better".  So we set out to find fabric for curtains.  Here is what she selected for her curtains.  She decided on tab top curtains with blue buttons on the tabs.
She also selected fabric for a name flag to be made using Anita Goodesigns Party Flags embroidery program.

Here is the item she selected to use in decorating her room.

She selected a two color scheme for her room since it has a chair rail.  Papa had a few concerns about paint color when he saw the paint samples but after painting, complimented her on the great paint selection.   Here is her wall with name flags above her bed.  The colors are not accurate in the photo but you get the idea.
Here are the curtains.  We still need to add blue buttons to each tab.

For her craft item she asked for a "black board".  Papa went to Home Depot and bought a sheet of the black board.  She selected the paint color and we painted a frame Mema purchased at Goodwill.   She is so proud of her new message board.  The colors in this photo are closest to her actual wall colors.

The granddaughters made a trip back to Hobby Lobby with the their mom and she selected this chandelier to hang above her bed. 

I'm not good at whole room photos but will attempt to take some pics of both girl's rooms when completed.


Leann said...

How sweet that you all had fun doing the bedroom make overs. I love the color choices - great for a young girl!!


Ivy and Elephants said...

The rooms are going to be so cute! I love that they had so much input into how the rooms would look. Gorgeous!