Saturday, November 28, 2009

Snowy Sahuary

I designed this little sahuaro cacti a few months ago. The cacti body is painted batting. I didn't have the correct green for the sahuaro, so I mixed acrylic paint and painted the batting. I really liked the resulting fabric with a wonderful texture and the perfect color. I drew my cacti shaped pattern and cut the front and back from the painted batting. I then stitched the spines with my sewing machine. I used a decorative stitch and silver thread. I then cut out the mouth and added brown fabric with a reverse applique technique. The snow is white novelty yarns that were attached with my embellishing machine. The two pieces were stitched together with wrong sides together. Sahuary was stuffed with batting and a base of painted batting was added. Buttons were added for eyes. Last a chili pepper necklace was placed around his neck. I've very fond of my Snowy Sahuary. He will be added to my Christmas collection.