Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day

We are at our vacation home in Kentucky.  If you watched the Derby yesterday, you know that we are having rainy weather here.  Enough is Enough Already.  We've had over 8" of rain since yesterday morning.  This is a picture of the roadway we use to get out to the main highway.  The water is covering the roadway and the cropland along the creek.  If you look closely in the upper part of the picture, we can see the bridge (not underwater) and two people looking at the water from the other side of the bridge.  We live about a mile from the bridge.  Luckly we can go in the other direction and get where we want to go. 
Our pond has been running over since early this morning.  At first it will just running in the spillway but then it began running over the top of the dam.  Our home is on top of a hill and we are safe from the water but many roadways in our county are underwater making travel very hazardous.  We are staying home as recommended by local authorities.  No school in the county tomorrow.  Hopefully rain will stop soon.
Since we live in Arizona, we enjoy a little rain but this is "way too much".  Rain, rain, go away! Please.  You can come back when the farmers need you.


PeggyR said...

OMG I feel so bad for you. We have been extremely windy here in Northeast OH, some showers, but that's it. I think southern OH may be getting more then us.

The White Farmhouse said...

Oh my goodness that is alot of rain. It is pouring here now. Rain rain go away! I need to paint a chair!


Man, I heard it was getting hammered down there. We had rain all day yesterday and luckily the creek has carried it as we have two creek's, one behind us and the other along side of us plus a pond in the front. Our pond sure needed the water though and today, it is just right! Don't need any more rain for awhile.