Friday, July 30, 2010

New Paint in the Living/Dining Rooms

I have been busy the past couple of weeks redecorating our living/dining room.  I guess it would be called a great room in newer homes.  But since be live in a historic district (due to get our designation in September),  I'll just call it our living room with a small dining area.  I had seen a room in a decorating magazine that had very light blue walls and I fell in love with the room.  I've never had a blue room and really never thought of having one but the pictures of that room convinced me to give it a shot.  The decorator room was very similar to our room with couch, shelves, bookcases, hutch, and floral curtains.  There was pottery on one shelf and frames with photos and art on the other two shelves.  I'm loving the new look in the room.  It is so light and airy.  Quite a change from the previous gold and green walls.

It's hard to photograph the blue accurately.  The photo at the top comes closest to the real color.   I found some lovely Waverly curtains that incorporated many of the colors in the room.  I think they are my favorite so far.  I still working on the final details.  I found a wonderful vintage table lamp yesterday.  It is in perfect condition and looks great with a new shade.   I hoping to hang some art work tomorrow.  I'll post more pics later.

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someplace in thyme said...

Oh Pam, I think the blue is perfect. It's such a nice, calming color and it looks wonderful with all your lovely furnishings. Thankyou so much for coming by and chatting with me. I look forward to seeing more of you now that you are back. Happy Pink Saturday sweetie, Char