Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Crazy 30's Quilt Top and Burlap Wreath

During the holidays I had seen a segment on a local show that featured these burlap wreaths.  I decided to purchase some burlap and make one.  I followed the instructions they game and after two trys, decided to do it "My Way".  I used the ruffler foot on my Janome 11000 to gather the burlap and then attached it to the foam wreath that had been wrapped in burlap.  I like the way it looks with the ruffles done by machine.  The first two just didn't seem full enough to me.  Once I had finished the wreath, I needed some embellishments. The left over fabric from my Crazy 30's quilt (show below) was on my machine cabinet.  The ruffler was on the machine.  So I decided to see if I could make a few flowers from the scraps.  Here they are.  I'm quite pleased with them.  They are attached with pins so I can change the embellishments easily.  Probably will go on the front door now that Christmas decorations are back in storage.  I have burlap left and it may become a little ruffled burlap tree.  I saw one on a blog some time ago and I found a wooden candlestick to use as a base.  Just need to buy a foam tree.

I'm also liking the Crazy 30's quilt.  The top is finished.  I've decided to follow the vintage theme and use a yellow and white gingham for the backing.  I just happened to have a large piece in my stash.  I'm thinking that I will finish the edges with a black binding.  So far so good.  I'll save it for my quilting project next week. 


PeggyR said...

I like what you did with both!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

I love your burlap wreath. Really nice.

Melinda Cornish said...

I love the wreath but I am crazy over the quilt...it is so bright and cheery!!!