Sunday, August 12, 2012

Halloween Quilt and a new Janome 12000

After much thought and research, I am now the owner of a new Janome 12000.  It is a wonderful machine with many upgrades from my Janome 11000.  I still love my Janome 11000 but the hoop size limited me in the designs I was able to embroider.  My new machine has huge hoops that will allow me to embroider any design on the market today.  I really debated this purchase.  It is lots of money to invest in a sewing machine but I finally convenienced myself that it was an investment in my "mental well being".  My sewing studio and my fabric art have been a blessing throughout my life and its challenges.  So I went to Mulqueen's Sewing Center and made the big purchase.  I LOVE IT. 

Here are my first two Halloween quilt squares using my new machine.  These blocks are 8" blocks (something my Janome 11000 can't do).  I did keep my Janome 11000 and it will go to our vacation home in Kentucky.  So I'll be able to do machine embroidery both places.  So exciting!!!!


Sue McPeak said...

Ooooooo...you smart gal. Yours is the first 1200 I've seen, and it's amazing. The designs you've done are soooo big and so cute. Congrats....I know you are going to love it and all the neat designs it gives you to embroidery. I'll be watching for them. Thanks for stopping by CITexas Gal.

Betsy@My Salvaged Treasures said...

Good for you!! How exciting that you have this fabulous new machine to work with. You deserve it!!

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Tammy said...

That is exciting! You already do such beautiful quilt work but this new machine will take you to a whole new level. Your first two blocks are fantastic! Have fun! Best wishes, Tammy

craftyles said...

Good for you! I agree on the well being side of it. It's an incredible machine and I can see how well you'll be using it from those cute Halloween squares. Have fun and enjoy every bit of that new machine!