Saturday, April 26, 2008

Singer Featherweight

I have a big "O" brithday this month and the Singer Featherweight is a present from my family. It's it lovely. I just happened upon it at a garage sale last week. (Didn't get it for a few dollars however!) I didn't buy it right away. I went to see Pat at the local Singer store. He told me what to look for and to offer less than the asking price. I went back to check it out. It had everything Pat suggested I look for. Still didn't buy it but returned to Singer store for more research. Then I called the lady and picked it up the next day. It is in wonderful condition. I've already sewn on it. It included the original case with key, all the original accessories and even more. There's one accessory I need to research to see what it does. I've always envied others with one of these little machine. This Singer Featherweight made the BIG "O" perfect. Also having a little party with friends today. I'll post pictures later.

Quilt in the background is one that I made a few years ago. It has photo images of my four great-grandmothers, two grandmothers, and mother. I just love this quilt.


Wabbit said...

Oh what a lovely little machine, Pam! I've been looking at them lately too, but don't have room for one more here unless it's too much of a bargain to pass up. When I was a kid, one of my best friends family had one. She and her sisters sewed everything on that machine from drapes to bathing suits and prom dresses!

purplepaint said...

I love your little Singer! And I adore the quilt you made behine it! Beautiful! Marva

Anonymous said...

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