Sunday, September 14, 2008

BINGO Card Swap

I finally decided on a Bingo Card for the swap at Mystic Paper. This is the card that I decided to make for the swap. I had posted two possible layouts earlier in my blog but I wasn't pleased with either. The images on this card are from a vintage pattern envelop. I added a swatch of red and white striped fabric and three buttons from my button box to each card. I am very pleased with the results. These cards reflect my love of fabric, vintage, and sewing. I wasn't able to deliver the cards yesterday but will drop them off on the way to the Diamondback Game today since Mystic Paper is now open Sunday afternoons for our "shopping pleasure".

Oh yes, our Diamondbacks are in a huge slump and looks like they won't make it to the playoffs after leading their division for most of the season. Karma visited them last evening when a recently traded player, Micah Owings hit a double to help Cincinnati win the game in the 10th. I think the management should beware of that "Karma" thing!!!!!!!

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Paris Cowgirl said...

Your cards are delightful Pam! It's nice to see that our Diamondbacks still have devoted fans. Hope they make a comeback!