Monday, September 1, 2008

Giving Tree Leaf

These are machine felted "Giving Tree Leaves" for a swap on Fiber Art Traders (FAT). The leaves are made from two layers of Ecospun felt. The felt is made from recycled plastic bottles.

The veins on the leaf are made from wool fibers. Embellishment is Sari Ribbon. All are felted with my Huskystar ER10. A 1/4" eyelet was added and more Sari Ribbon attached. It will be interesting to see the leaves I receive in the swap.

The ER10 worked great on this project. I may make a fabric postcard using similar techniques.


morningDove said...

Ecospun felt - where can you purchase it? I love the leaves, very delicate looking.

Pam said...

I purchased the esocpun felt at my local JoAnns. Find out more at www.kuninfelt.com