Thursday, April 30, 2009

Trashy Fiber Clutch Part I

Fiber Art Traders yahoo group is having a Trashy Fiber Clutch trade. The base is made of fused plastic bags. I fused my bags together this morning. I placed the plastic bags between a brown bag from Mystic Paper and ironed them until they melted together. I then painted with Lumiere Metallic Arcylic in Super Copper and Pearl Turquoise purchased at Mystic Paper. I think I will now couch some fibers onto the fused plastic. Fibers seem appropriate since this is a fiber group. I think I will make another and experiment with stamping onto the fused plastic.

Last step is to add a fabric lining and sew into a tote. FAT has many interesting trades. I don't participate in all of them but I do try to do a few each month. Many members of the group are published artists.

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