Thursday, February 3, 2011

I've Started My First Block

Have you seen the new Civil War Chronicles Block of the Month Quilt?  It is beautiful (and huge).  I just picked up the first three months at 3 Dudes Quilting.  I spent the morning cutting the pieces and hope to sew this first block this afternoon.  They have the center panel on display at the shop and it is beautiful.  The fabric is my Marcus Fabrics.  I have seen the Club listed on a number of Quilt sites.   My friend was participating at 3 Dudes and I decided to join her.  Maybe I'll have a block to post later this evening.

Happy Quilting.


The White Farmhouse said...

I can't wait to see your first block! I have thought of joining a quilt club. I can never seem to get organized enough to do it. I do have a quilting project coming up really soon for the girls room. I can't wait to get it started!

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Wow, can't wait to see your first block. That looks complicated! :(

CollectIn Texas Gal said...

I have seen many of the Civil War Blocks and Fabric Series, but not this one. It is beautiful and will be quite a challenge. I know you are up to it. I would love a new quilt piecing challenge, but I guess Lottie and I had better stick with the challenge of getting tops quilted. I'll look forward to seeing your blocks!

PeggyR said...

WOW I can't wait to see your finished block. I agree though it looks complicated!