Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dressed to the Nines Quilt

I purchased this Dressed to the Nines pattern a few years ago at a quilt show here in Mesa.  This spring I decided to make a quilt for a college friends granddaughter.  I remembered this cute little quilt of dresses and located the pattern in the pattern box.  I used fabric from my stash and also purchased a few pieces at the Cabbage Rose Quilt Shop.  The cute little shop recently opened here in Mesa and she has the most beautiful fabric.  Lots of pretty florals. 

I appliqued the dresses to the white squares and then attached the sashing.  The dresses are machine appliqued and when machine quilting I stitched around each dress.  The quilt is boxed and ready to go to the post office tomorrow.  I emailed my friend last week and the parents aren't telling the name until she gets here.  So for now the quilt is for "Baby Girl". 

The neighbor across the street is expecting a girl late this summer so I'll be working on another little girl quilt soon.  Haven't selected a pattern for that one yet.  I'd like to continue using my stash if possible.

I haven't blogged much lately.  It's summer and the granddaughters are visiting each week.  I love having them here but I don't have much computer time.  This week they will be attending a gifted camp at the local community college.  I provide breakfast and taxi services as well as before and after time.  It is so much fun to have them here in the summer.  Now that they are both in school, I miss having time with them each week during the school year. 


Jilly said...

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T's Daily Treasures said...

It's precious Pam! What a lovely gift for baby girl! Enjoy time with your granddaughters. I read about a blogger who recently moved from Tuscon to a new house and then had to be evacuated because of the fires so they went back to their Tuscon home because the renters aren't due there til July. So sad the devastation that those fires are causing. Wishing you all the best. Take care! Tammy