Friday, December 9, 2011

Shopping List Folio

I made this little shopping list folio for my DIL.  I found the instructions here.  You will see that the original doesn't look exactly like mine.  I decided to make the outer cover from one piece of fabric and embellish with machine quilting.  I did follow the directions for the inside of the folio.  I found the notepads at OfficeMax.  They fit perfectly in the pocket.  I decided to tuck her gift card inside the other pocket.

Here is the folio.  I'm not sure I like the button off center but that's where the instructions said to put it.  I may change that on the next one.  I see so many possibilities --machine embroidery, quilt blocks, with or without that triangle pocket, maybe another little pocket,  personalized with names,  .....

Fun project and finished in less than an hour.  Best of all I was able to use fabrics in my stash.

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T's Daily Treasures said...

Your DIL will love it. Great little gift! And I have no doubt you will take that pattern and personalize it. Have fun! Best wishes, Tammy