Sunday, December 18, 2011

There is "Snow" Place like Home!

I have decided to show you some of the many snowmen that inhabit our home during the holidays.  As you arrived at our home you are greeted by snowmen on the front porch.  The snowmen on the bench have been in our family for years.  The largest snowman is missing one eye but we still love him.  The snowman by the porch post was purchased at an after-Christmas sale last year.  He only worked one night and now no longer lights up (guess you could call him a "lemon" of a snowman).  I guess we'll keep him as the "greeter-man"! 

There is even a "Solar Snowman in the Flower Pot.  He was a great find at Walgreen's for $2.99 and he works.  He looks cute in the evening with his glowing head.

A Cowboy snowman gives everyone a "Wild West Welcome". 

Tomorrow I'll share some of the snowmen inside our home.


Betsy said...

These are so cute Pam. I really like the solar guy you put in the pot, and the snowman with one eye looks like he's winking.-)

sissie said...

I love how happy all your snow people look outside on the porch.

I think they are waiting for some snow and Christmas.