Tuesday, August 5, 2008

August Quiltie -Recycled

The theme for quilties on the Fabric in Altered Group for August is "Recycled". This is my recycled quiltie. The front "fabric" is the interior of a Frito bag. I painted it with copper Adirondack paint. I hand stitched two butterflies cut from fabric on the recycled "fabric" and made beads from a recycled FedEx mailer painted with the same paint. The painted mailer was then cut into long triangles and rolled around a toothpick. The piece was then heated with a heat gun. The result was these beautiful beads. I stitched the word FLY and added the word recycle with a sharpie. The back is a recycled bubble mailer with a flower from the same fabric as butterflies. The flower was stitched onto the mailer. As I sewed the flower, I noticed that the bubbles would flated when poked with needle. "Idea" - why not leave air in the bubbles behind the flower and poke all other bubbles? The flower is now puffed and the remainer is flattened. The front and back were attached with a blanket stitch. The entire piece has a rustic look.

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