Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Message from Altered Couture

I received a very exciting message from Beth Livesay, the new editor of Altered Couture magazine. It seems she has been working on Stampington & Company's new publication Apron.ology and obviously liked the apron I submitted to that publication. The email was to encourage me to submit altered clothing to Altered Couture for possible publication. At first I thought it must be a mass mailing but it was not. It was a personal message from Beth.

I replied that I had just finished a collage vintage purse and matching vintage gloves. I will be submitting them to the magazine this week. I will probably try to come up with another idea for Altered Couture and may submit an "apron-all" to Apron.ology. I think both publication deadlines are September 15th.

This is all new to me as I just had my first submission published in the latest edition of Altered Couture. Fun! Fun! Fun!

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Paris Cowgirl said...

I am so excited for you! I love your work and I know that everyone that reads the magazine will too!