Friday, July 10, 2009

FEAR Quiltie

The word for today's Fabric Art Traders (FAT) 5" x 5" quiltie is FEAR. My original idea didn't work out as I had planned. My original idea was to write the word fear numerous times on a piece of 5 x 5 Tyvek and them sew it to a piece of black Warm Co. batting. I thought the Tyvek would melt when heated with the heat gun and the batting would remain. This would leave holes in my fears with a black background. But the batting must have been made of synthetic fibers because it also melted. Then my piece was no longer 5 x 5 and had holes all the way through.

So I decided to sew the melted piece to a piece of painted batting that I had left over from another project. I them added the game piece letters. My hope is that this shows my many fears but that some of them are flawed and full of holes. "Nothing to be afraid of".

1 comment:

morningDove said...

i really love this piece of art. great thinking outside the box.