Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We're Having a Tea Party

The two granddaughters have been asking to have a tea party with their American Girl dolls. I decided that we would have the party this afternoon since we are leaving on vacation soon and the girls are returning to school in a few weeks. We will dine on apple juice, cookies and brownies. Here is a photo of the table. I decided to use the Homer Laughlin China I found at the thrift store this spring. I found a set of four with creamer and sugar. The design is Eggshell Swing. They are perfect for a our little tea party.
Matilda will also be attending the party. She is dressed in vintage blue lace by Halston.


Rosemary said...

I happened upon your blog while trying for inspiration on some ATCs, and I'm so glad I happened by. You are so talented, I am just amazed at all the things that you do.

I think your tea party sounds marvelous and I hope it goes/went well for all participants. How fun!

Rosemary said...
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Dotti said...

Tea parties are such fun and our little girls need to know about these finer things that life offers freely to all! I can remember when my cousin and I also "dressed" up for these events in granny's old clothes and slogged about in high heels way too big for our tiny feet!