Thursday, July 2, 2009

Grids and Grommets Goes Western

Yesterday I decided to do a little project with recycled denim jeans. This Grids and Grommets bag is the result. I had made the larger tote from this pattern a few weeks ago. The smaller version is designed to use jelly rolls (2 1/2" strips of precut fabric available at quilt shops). I decided to use strips cut from denim jeans. My two pair of jeans were almost identical in color and it is difficult to see the strips. I think it would look better if the denim strips were light and dark but I still like this one. Once I had cut the strips, I decided to use the pockets from one of the jeans. The pattern does not have a exterior pocket. I added the back pocket from the jeans as a front pocket. Then I decided to cut the other pocket down to make a cell phone pocket on the outside of the interior pocket.

I found this lovely fabric at the thrift store. It had been an interior decorator's sample fabric. It is called "Arizona Bandana". Quite appropriate don't you think.

I love the tote and can see that it will quickly become one of my favorites. It is the perfect size to carry.


Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...


I love your denim purse. Very nicely done.


lynda said...

I love the purse3!