Friday, July 24, 2009

More leaves

Here are three more leaves for my quilt. I was having trouble with the tension on some of the embroidery. I had read somewhere that sometimes it is best to use a pre-wound bobbin. I purchased a pack of the bobbins and haven't had any trouble with the tension so far. I had Ginger show me how to adjust the tension if I need to do so on any other designs. I've never had this problem with my Janome but it is a simple push of the button to adjust tension while embroidering. Glad I visited with Ginger at Mulqueens.
Hope to get started on my quilt this weekend. Leaves are looking great.


GrannyKaren said...

Lovin' these leaves! See you next week in KY!

Pam said...

Thanks Karen. I did purchase the fabric from your shop, so I'm not surprised that you like it.

If I get the top finished, I'll bring it along next week.