Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Here are a few of the pictures from our cruise.  These were taken in Ixtapa.  You can see the raindrops in the water near the crocodiles.  It rained the entire day we were in the port.  My DH had scheduled an ATV ride on the beach and in the jungle but it was cancelled.  He instead joined me on the city tour which included a visit to this preserve.  The photos aren't so good because of the rain and the lighting but you can see the iguana and the croc.  I'll have more pictures to post later.  Even with the rain we enjoyed our tour of the city.


DAnna Lawson said...

Neat photos! Those "cocodrilos" would keep me out of the river!

GrannyKaren said...

Just a little tooooo close to crocs for me! Can't wait to see more pics! I just found out I am going to Haiti in four weeks... I will be trying to blog about my "getting ready to go" experience.

Melinda Cornish said...

did you go swimming? hee hee