Friday, November 4, 2011

A Finished Rag Quilt but "NOT CLIPPED"

I finished stitching this rag quilt while here in the country.  There is a story to this "Unclipped Rag Quilt."  A few years ago (I think four) I stitched a rag quilt in a class.  It was to be a Christmas present for my nephew.  Since I finished stitching the quilt early, I thought clipping the quilt would be a great last minute project before Christmas.  (If you've made a rag quilt, you probably can guess the rest of the story.)  --- I was still clipping those seams the day before our family Christmas party.  I even bought those special scissors for clipping but I had no idea it would TAKE SO LONG!   I did manage to finish the clipping, wash, and wrap the quilt just before our party.  When he opened the quilt, I told the family that "this is my first and last rag quilt!" 

But his sister loved the quilt and commented that she wanted one and would clip the seams if I would stitch the blocks together.  Even with her offer, I wasn't interested in making another rag quilt.  Fast forward to this summer and the organizing of my studio.  I discovered another kit for a rag quilt.  Seems I purchased another kit at the class in 2007.  So I called my sister and asked if she thought Michelle was serious about clipping those seams.  Seems Michelle has mentioned to her on a number of occasions over the past few years that she would love a quilt like her brother's.  For Christmas Michelle will receive a unclipped rag quilt and my "special scissors".  Happy Clipping Michelle.

Below is a photo of the entire quilt and one of the back of the quilt.  I really do like the bright colors of the fabrics.  Will I ever do another??????   Probably not.  There are only two children in that family and grandkids aren't old enough to use "pointed scissors".


sjmcdowell said...

Your post caught my eye as I am trying to make my "first rag quilt"...ughh I am having difficulties already trying to understand the directions. I friend of mine took it to her quilt club last week to get some feedback from a lady who has made rag quilts before. I am understanding it a little bit more now. Mine may never get finished much less "clipped" Lol :)

Hugs and Smiles,


T's Daily Treasures said...

I know absolutely nothing about quilting so don't understand why anything needs to be clipped. Is there no backing or binding on this type of quilt. I like the hodge podge look of it and the bright colors. Will be a great gift for Michelle after all these years. When she gets to clipping, she will realize all the work that went into it. :)

Wow! A month already. Time sure does fly. I need to get to packing. We are flying out tomorrow morning 3 am to Sri Lanka. :/ Next time I check in with you, you'll be back in AZ. Safe travels. Best wishes, Tammy

PeggyR said...

I love rag quilts. Nice job.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Hi Pam,
Wow that must have been an awful amount of work! But the rag quilt turned out lovely! I love all the bright colors and the prints.


I have made 1 rag quilt. First and last too. lol I made one with denim on one side and plaid flannel on the other. Talk about a heavy quilt! I gave it to my nephew, whose name is actually Denim! Thank goodness I came up with another pattern for my other nephew. Whew!
Your quilt colors are lovely though. I also love your table runner!

Melinda Cornish said...

She will love it Pam! I have never made one but I watched someone clipping one....It looked like a whole lot of work...I love the bright colors...

Cindy said...

Gorgeous! Love the colors. Thanks for visiting and your comment!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

A very colourful quilt, Pam! I'm sure it was a lot of work and will be treasured always. I've never made one and probably never will but I sure do appreciate the workmanship which goes into the making of them.
Thanks for your visit and leaving a comment. Wishing you a wonderful week.