Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hanging Up the Quilt with Hang-Ups

I decided to display my completed Chestnut and Vine quilt in the newly decorated breakfast nook.   I hung the quilt using a quilting product called Hang-Ups.

I found these wonderful little Hang-ups at the Washoe Quilt Shoppe in Montana a few years ago.  I purchased a package of 6.  I had intended to put them to use immediately but alas they sat in my studio until this week.  At the quilt shop they used them on a rail that went around the top of the wall.  I wanted to make a quilt rail for a wall in my home.  Our "historic West Clark Addition" home has plaster walls and it is difficult to mount things to the wall without destroying the lovely plaster.  I thought this would be the perfect solution for displaying quilts.

First we went to Home Depot and selected a piece of decorative trim for the quilt rail.  We installed screws evenly spaced across the rail.  I painted it white to match the Pottery Barn Shelving in the room.  My DH them mounted it to the wall.  You can see the entire rail below and a closeup of the screws.

Here is the top of my Chestnut and Vine quilt hanging from my new quilt rail. 


PeggyR said...

I love where you hung it!

Melinda Cornish said...

it looks so pretty hanging up....I have a couple hanging in my home...no hang ups here though.......you know the quilting kind.

Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

What a lovely quilt! It looks very nice in your breakfast nook!