Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Grungeboard Cuff

I made another Grungeboard Cuff. The Grungeboard is easy to sew and not as stiff as you would think a paper product would be. Again I used distressing ink and a coat of sealer. I then sewed the grunge to suede, added embellishments, and fastner. I'll still thinking of uses for this product. I might try using it in my next fabric book. I need to decide on a theme and get going.


Aileen said...

Hi, I saw your post on F.A.T and had to see your blog. I've read about Grunge board but haven't tried it yet. You mentioned "fastener" so this is a cuff you can wear? How cool!

Pam said...


this was my first time to use Grungeboard. It's really easy to sew. Surprisingly I didn't even change the needle from my regular sewing. You are limited to the designs that are available in the pack but I understand that it does come in sheets and you can cut your own shapes. I might try that later.

Looking forward to F.A.T. swaps.

Anonymous said...

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