Friday, June 20, 2008

Camille's Quilt

This is a quilt I made for Camille as a baby gift in 2003. Camille is the daughter of my niece (I guess that makes her my grandniece!) They live in California. When I visited California in May, my niece mentioned that Camille's blanket had been washed many times and the binding was fraying. I brought the blanket home. Today I put a new binding on Camille's blanket.

The quilt is what I would call a whole cloth quilt. It has machine embroidery animals on a pastel floral fabric. After the embroidery was complete, I added batting and a backing of the floral fabric. The entire quilt was then machine quilted. It took many hours to complete the embroidery. When you look at the quilt, the embroidery looks like new. It was done with ARC polyester embroidery threads. Obviously they hold up very well to washing. I also used my embroidery machine to make a label.

So glad Camille has enjoyed and loved her quilt. When I gave it to my niece, I told her the quilt was made to be used. So often people are afraid to use their quilts. I wanted this one to be used and it has been. It's now ready for many more washings.