Monday, June 16, 2008

Fabric Heaven

As most of you know, I love to visit the thrift stores. Monday is $1.00 day at Goodwill but I didn't find any dollar wonders today. I did find this fabric. There were two bags stuffed full of wonderful fabric. Each was $3.99. It was difficult to see everything in the bags but I could see enough to know I just had to make the purchase. When I arrived home and opened the bags, I thought I was in FABRIC HEAVEN. The more I took out of the bags, the more excited I got. These are beautiful high quality fabrics. There were 29 flat quarters, eleven 1/2 yard lengths, two pieces of 1 1/2 -2 yards and other odd shaped pieces. Most are prints but there were some hand dyed fabrics. I figure I spend about 50 cents a yard.

They are now in the washer. All of my thrift store finds go immediately into the washer and dryer. If they fall apart, I haven't lost much. I have successfully washed silks, wools, laces, and a number of evening gowns. They may shrink but I'm not wearing them, I using them in my art projects.

Last week I found 11 packets (new and unopened) of Warm and Natural products. The size was about that of a flat quarter. Two of the packets were Insul-Bright (used for potholders, oven mitts, etc.). The rest were various weights and colors. Total cost of these packets was $2.98.

If you aren't shopping at thrift stores, you are missing out!