Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Fabric Selection for Faces

I think I have finally decided on the fabrics I will use for my Faces Art Quilt. Last evening I picked out an entirely different batch of fabrics but when I saw them this morning, I decided they weren't bright enough. I want my face to pop off the background. I'm thinking this color of blue will work because the hair is shades of brown. Since blue and brown are opposites on the colorwheel, I am hoping the blue will help pop my face on the quilt. I haven't selected the fabric for the butterflies and I haven't decided if they will be one color or two colors. I think I will do my templates both ways and then I can decide. My flesh fabric really doesn't show up here but is more of a flesh tone.
We are making the templates this week and selecting fabric. The class is great. It is my first on-line class. I also began another class yesterday. I'll post about it later.

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