Thursday, September 3, 2009

Here she is!!!!

She is fused and ready for the next step. I'm quite pleased with this little Faces on Fabric quilt. I'm hoping the shadows along the face and neck will be covered in the next step. I trying to decide if she needs another butterfly. One to the right of the face? I have some time before I must decide. Faces on Fabric is such a wonderful class. I'm loving the instructions and interaction with others in the class. This is my first on-line class. Her name is LisAnne. Don't know where I got the name but it fits her.


GrannyKaren said...

Love this!! Great fabric choices!

Pam said...

Thanks Karen,
Do you recognize some of the fabric?

GrannyKaren said...

I do reconize much of the fabric! The hand-dyed caught my eye right away!