Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Embroidery Week on FAT

This week on FAT Diana is hosting Embroidery Week.  Our first step was to choose a piece of fabric (approx. 8 x8), batting, some decorative threads, and other shapes cut from fabric.  This is what I started with.  We basted the fabric to the batting.

Our next tast was to use running stitches and decorate the fabric.  We could add other pieces of fabric if we wanted.

Then we were to use another embroidery stitch.  I decided to couch on a decorative yarn.  It is a little difficult to see here.

We then added embellishments.  I added the rickrack and attached it with beads.  I also added buttons and beads.  Now to wait until the next step.

1 comment:

Arlette said...

Very creative and beautiful. Hmmm...wonder what the next step will entail. It looks gorgeous just the way it is.