Monday, April 11, 2011

A Quilt for Baby Boy

I recently finished this quilt for Baby Boy Bruce.  The will be my Aunt Arlene's first great grandbaby.  I had this quilt kit for some time and had been waiting for just the right baby boy to make it for.  When I found out that Kacy and Kristen were expecting a baby boy, I got out the quilt kit and went to work.  It is now quilted and ready to mail.  The kit was based on this wonderful novelty print.  It features big trucks with big tires and the colors are perfect for a baby boy.  The kit was purchased at the Cutting Edge Quilt Chop in Tempe a number of years ago. 


creativedawn said...

What a lovely quilt! It's a real truck lover's quilt and I would have loved it as a kid because all I really played with was my brother's toys - train, planes, and trucks.



Such a cute quilt!

I am hoping to have yours finished up later this evening, but will have to leave at 5 AM tomorrow and be gone most of the day, so won't get it sent off until
Thurs. or Fri. I will send you a photo of it later.

Linda said...

This is so sweet, Pam, and I love your wonderful memory quilts, too!

Melinda Cornish said...

I love the colors....turquoise is such a happy color...it is just all over adorable.