Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

This picture is of the Fourth of July 1976 in Page, Arizona. Son John (waving flag) was just a toddler and he and two of his friends walked the entire parade route. They were on the front page of the local newspaper that week. Would love to know where his little friends Chris and Carrie are today.

This morning I spent time just remembering some past 4th of Julys. There are those with family in Kentucky. The annual 4th of July parade in downtown Campbellsville. Hauling a quad (four wheeler) 2000 miles across country so our son Paul could ride in the parade in the summer of 2002. Evenings at the park watching the fireworks. Watching the tractor pull in the high heat and humidity. (Wiping sweat!!!) Buying fireworks in Missouri and Tennessee and having our own "illegal" fireworks in the country. The list could go on and on. Fourth of July has always been a time of family fun and I pause to remember those family members who are no longer with us. I especially miss our son Paul and my dad. Both loved the 4th and fireworks.

Once I watched fireworks over Lake Michigan in Chicago while chaperoning students to an annual convention. That was quite an experience. So many people!!!!!!! Fireworks were beautiful as they reflected off the lake.

Today we will celebrate the Fourth with over 40,000 other people at the Diamondback game. We are promised the "coolest" place in town to watch fireworks. After the game they will open the roof and we will watch fireworks launched from the roof of the garage across the street. We will be sitting in the perfect location behind home plate upper level. We have been season ticketholders since the first season. Love our Diamondbacks but they have been struggling lately.