Monday, January 11, 2010

Another Machine Embroidery Gift

Last evening I decided to continue working with Janome 11000.   It was out and ready to go.  I found these placemat and napkin sets at an after Christmas sale.  There are four placemats and napkins in each set.  I decided to make a Valentine Placemat set for my friends Nancy, Corri, and June.  We have a great little group that has been meeting for dinner or lunch for many years.  We are all retired department chairs with Mesa Schools and started our little group many years ago during a horrible in-service class.  We try to meet once a month.  Each year we select a holiday or season of the year and bring goodies to the group.  This year I selected Valentine's day and these placemats will be part of my Valentine's gift.

My first idea was to embroider on the placemat.  This involves removing the backing and replacing after the embroidery is in place.  I later decided to just put embroidery on the napkin.  This allows them to use the placemats at other times of the year (Fourth of July, Christmas, or anyother time they want something red).  I decided to keep the design simple and in one color (white).  The original design called for three colors.

I now have one set completed and two to go.

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