Monday, January 25, 2010

Purple Vintage Linen Pillowcover

Today I am going to work on a vintage linen pillowcover for my daughter-in-law's birthday.  Her favorite color is purple.  I found these vintage linens in my stash.  Each contains purple and were purtchased at thrift stores.  I decided to use new quilter's cotton as the background.  I also backed the cotton with a piece of cottton duck for stability.  This photo shows the final  placement (I think) of the linens.  Once I have attached the vintage linens, I will add a pillow back of the purple fabric.  I will describe my attachment method in a later post as it is a work in progress.  My concern is to attach the crochet items without having stitches pullout where it was cut.  This is my first attempt at a project like this.  So far I'm happy with the way it looks. I hope to have a finished pillowcover to show you later today.  Wish me luck!


CC said...

Hi Pam..
The linens are just gorgeous. I can't wait to see the finished pillowcase..

Kara said...

may I please get a copy of the crayon keeper project instructions/pattern?

kanishk said...

I love the vintage Valentines!

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